Kong – Italy
Alex Gloves kong chain Lanyard_bull Tree Fork
Alex Gloves Kong Chain Lantard Bull Tree Fork
Comfortable work glove with Kevlar interior hand strengthening – three of the finger tips are open. The Schoeller keprotec sewn on on the interior palm makes this glove outstanding for rope works and helps to reject water, dirt and oil. A multiuse sling, designed to be used in rappelling, or employed as security longe.
Double sling for heavy loads with a loop at both ends. Strong sling with 2 lightweight alloy rings stitched in the ends. Specially designed for climbing in trees.
Big 8 8 Classic 	Alu Harness 705 Mini Pear 755
Big "8" "8"Classic Alu Harness 705 Mini Pear 755
In high angle work and rescue, you need an 8 that you can tie off quickly and easily. The Kong Rescue 8 is a great mix of strength, weight and performance. Traditional figure 8 descender. The Kong Classic 8 is light and strong.    
mini D 751      
Mini "D" 75