Mountain Services – since 1973

At early 70’s, a group of rock climbing fans formed the first rock-climbing club in Hong Kong – the “Kiu Kit”. That means “tiny floaters among big mountains”. At that time, “rocking climbing”, although quite popular in the western countries, was rarely known to the Hong Kong people.

By conducting a series of pioneer events, such as rock climbing lectures/activities, TV programmes, outbound climbing and mountaineering expeditions, ‘Kiu Kit” has successfully introduced the sports to the public and inspired some of the followers to pursuit and making it well-developed as it is now in Hong Kong. During the early days, there was no local supply of climbing gears and hardware, some Kiu Kit members therefore formed a ‘Climbing Co-op.” to order the required kits from abroad. It was then transformed into the “Hong Kong Mountain Services” and the “Mountain Services International” as known today and has witnessed the development of climbing activities in Hong Kong over the past 30 years.

Today Mountain Services International is still run by founders of the Kiu Kit. The one in charge was the former Chairman of the Hong Kong Mountaineering Union. Also without change, is the faith is serving climbers and outdoor lovers with high quality supplies and professional services. Mountain Services International is always keen in introducing new items to the local market, for example: providing Fleece, Gore-Tex, Thermal Underwear etc. long time ago for the demanding users.

Today, it is still carrying on its goal in sourcing new and high-end items around the world and has already become distributors of outdoor products for some world famous brands. Some of the products are also well accepted in the industrial field for safety uses.


七零年代初,一群熱愛攀石的朋友組織了香港首間攀石會 ─「嶠孑」,亦即崇山峻嶺中的細小浮游者,把攀石這個當時在外地興起,而在港鮮為人知的戶外活動,介紹給普羅大眾認識;並領先地透過攀石班、電視節目、外攀登山及探險活動等進行推廣,成功地啟發和培育了一班愛好者的興趣,使攀石運動進一步在港發揚光大。

由於當時有關攀爬器材在港並無供應,故「嶠孑」成立了Climbing Co-op 從外地訂購有關器材,及後演變為「香港攀山服務中心」以至今天的「名峰行」,轉眼已逾三十年。

「名峰行」負責人為當年創會人之一,曾任香港攀山總會會長。多年來其為攀爬及戶外活動愛好者提供高質專業產品及服務的宗旨一直未變,並每每率先為市場引入新產品。例如當年的 Fleece, Gore-Tex, Thermal Underwear 等,滿足高品味用家需要。「


Mountain Services  名峰行

Mountain Services
Mountain Services
Mountain Services